Welcome to Winnie’s Elderberry Goods! We are so happy you are considering us for your elderberry needs. All of our elderberry products are handmade with all organic ingredients in small batches. My husband and I began this journey towards creating this small business November of 2019. It has been a wonderful experience! We have learned so much and continue to learn as we build, grow, and improve our business and syrup to benefit your health and enjoyment.

The verse below is our foundation and a continual reminder of why we do this:

“Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security” - Jeremiah 33:6

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to help you and your family support their immune system and thank you for supporting our small business.

With Love, 

Winnie and Paul

Local Retailers:

Lake Meadow Naturals 

10000 Mark Adam Rd. Ocoee FL

Pancake Wellness Center

910 N. Main St. Kissimmee FL 34744

Tastes absolutely delicious! My one year old LOVES it. He literally gets excited when he sees me pull the bottle from the fridge. Definitely a household fave over here!


Elderberry Miracle ( how I call it) has been so good to me. I tend to get sick with cold or flu once a year and allergies once a year as well and since I started taking Winnie's Elderberry Syrup since the beggining of 2020 when all the pandemic madness started, I have not gotten sick or felt any of these symptoms. Thank you Winnie for making this product with natural ingredients that is so delicious and is helping a lot of people with different concerns


My son has really bad allergies and this has been the best thing for him! These couple of days that he wasn't taking it, his allergies came back and it was so bad! I'm glad we got it now!


Our little family is very thankful for Winnie’s Elderberry Syrup. My toddler asks for it every day, we started giving it to her once she turned one, now almost 3 she enjoys it everyday. My husband used to get common allergies and since drinking Winnie’s elderberry he no longer gets them. It has strengthen our immune system like never before, helped us in many healthy ways, and it tastes delicious! Plus it has great and conscious ingredients! Thanks Winnie and Family for providing an excellent service and product.